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How to get the most out of your insurance claim

Use A Loss Assessor To Improve Your Insurance Claim Settlement

The use of your own Loss Assessors to deal with your insurance claim and your insurance company's loss adjuster can substantially improve the result of your claim, improving both the amount paid out and the time taken to complete the claim handling process.

Benefit From Professional Representation

In the same way that you wouldn't go into a Court of Law without professional legal representation, don't enter into negotiations about settlement of your insurance claim without your own claims management loss assessors there to assist you, many thousands of pounds could be potentially at risk. Loss assessors understand how difficult and stressful dealing with these situations can be, and that they are there to help:

The right loss assessor will:

Did You Know?

Loss Adjusters & Loss Assessors - The Difference

Loss Adjusters: Who are they and what do they do?

A Loss Adjuster is a claims expert, who by the very definition of the name, works on behalf of the insurance company. Such a person may work directly for the insurer, or in the case of larger claims, or when the insurer has a high volume of claims, or the case is complex, the investigation, negotiation and recommendation for settlement is usually out-sourced and placed in the hands of a professional firm of loss adjusters. The loss adjuster's fees are always met by the insurers who instruct them.

Loss Assessors: Who are they and what do they do?

As with loss adjusters, loss assessors are experts in dealing with insurance claims. They are always appointed by the insured to manage and prepare the claim and negotiate a settelment on the insured's behalf. Loss assessors are professionally certified by the Chartereed Insurance Institute (CII) and are authorized and regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA). To be sure of professional competency, always make certain that the Loss Assessor you are considering to handle your insurance claim is professionally certified and FSA authorized.

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Click on the graphic above to go to the Certified Claims Management site, independent loss assessors offering services to both the public and businesses, in the UK

Forced and Violent Entry

Most household contents insurance policies include the condition that not only must the premises be locked, both doors and windows, but that entry must be "forced and violent".
Burglary claims are frequently denied because the insurer alleges that the entry was not "forced and violent". Many such cases have been wrongfully repudiated by insurers who take unfair advantage of their policy holders ignorance of the law.
So what is the law and what does "forced and violent" entry really mean? Click here for further information on Forced and Violent Entry.

Loss assessors specialise in all aspects of insurance claims management and can assist in the preparation and presentation of all domestic and commercial insurance claims resulting from fire, flood, storm, burglary, impact damage, subsidence or blocked drains. The use of a Loss Assessor could significantly improve both the value of the settlement and the time scale in which the claim is settled.

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